a mediocre halloween.

we had big plans for halloween: the cast of summer heights high.  but due to our late night on friday, we did little shopping to make it happen.  next year i am planning ahead and going big.  the streets of new york were on fire.

paris streets.

siri is in paris right now.  we call each other mer--a nickname we came up with in her rue visconti apt.  paris is the most magical city in the world: beautiful, delicious, effortless, perfect.  i love the french and i simply must go back.


matthew and i work together--in the same double-sized cubicle.  he can be a diva, but went to princeton and is very smart.  he is tres fashion and can be found at david barton on 23rd st.  if he were a concept, it would be americana: hot and cold, round and square, up and down, dead and alive.

on the one train, new york city

molly and john.

molly and john are engaged--and they just moved to philadelphia (where john is in medical school).  they are one of those couples that just look like they go together.  their wedding is next fourth of july in CA.  should be a fun celebration with a black and white dance floor.

west village, new york city.

non-motivational speaker series.

my friend, adam, and gelf magazine host a monthly speaking series at jla studios in dumbo, brooklyn. we went this week and jamie acted like a wild and crazy kid. i think dumbo (aside from the train noise) is one of brooklyn's best areas. i plan to explore the streets.

dumbo, brooklyn.

les fleurs

siri's apt. rue visconti, paris.

flower picking with ashley. banner elk, north carolina.

from cass. w. 12th st., new york city.

from kirsten. w. 12th st., new york city.

flowers are always a nice way to spice up space. i am especially fond of the flowers in paris. everything seems better in paris. i discovered diptyque candles in paris.


they call him papa. he goes to the gym and drinks protein shakes. he reads the sunday times and watches the wired. he wears flannel shirts and yellow shorts.

lower east side, new york city.


she wears velvet during the holidays. her slogan is peace and her song is rebellion. she cruised in an explorer. she wants some of your punch.

reservoir, el centro.


she makes jewelry and paints. she is going to paris. she eats taim and loves going on walks. she misses the bay.

central park, new york city.


she sings and writes her own piano music. watches curb your enthusiasm and loves french. she likes to roll her own cigarettes while listening to queen.

central park, new york city.